This is Me

A little bit about me, I’m Jordy and I see the world differently with my camera in front of me.

My Photographic style is clean, bright and elegant. My favourite images are the ones that allow you to see the real person, when you breathe in and breathe out and have forgotten everything but that moment.

I like to observe people and watch for that true moment of uncensored emotion, whether it be happiness, sadness, laughter or excitement. Capturing those moments brings a true authenticity to a picture.

The thing I love about family photography is capturing that moment and when you look back on those images years later you can evoke that emotion again just from looking at that picture.

A few things that make me, me

– My favourite book of all time is “Way of the peaceful warrior” by Dan Millman
– I love peanut butter and celery
– I have two beautiful girls that have learnt to stand and smile for me
– Hearing my kids laugh is my favourite sound of all
– The best time of year is spring. The sweet smell in the air gets me every time
– I could watch the sunrise on the beach every day and never get bored
– When I’m taking photos time is irrelevant, I could do it all day every day
– I love to people watch
– My photography journey started when I was 19 and studying film and television production

Thanks for taking the time see what I see. If you’re in Sydney (or in any part of the world, I do like to travel) I would love to capture some beautiful memories for you. Contact me to get in contact.
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